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Aayojan is best recognized as Event and Wedding Planner in the state of Odisha. It has extensive endeavors into other states of the Country. The activities of Aayojan have put thrust upon wedding and corporate events; for over 14 years Aayojan has been in constant service to its esteemed clients and customers. "Customer satisfaction is our best achievement" is the motto of Aayojan.


Aayojan is pledged to solemnize various events & programs at its customers' choice. The events like Wedding, Bachelor Party, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Meeting & Conference, Inauguration, Brand Promotion, Musical Party, Star Night, Corporate Events and many more are conducted to accomplish at its best the service disposal of Aayojan.


Aayojan events have witnessed many glorious moments when all the events are ended with thumping success blended with customer satisfaction which is the prime objective of Aayojan. Relentlessly Aayojan has been in constant service to the customer over the years.


Down under the years Aayojan has accrued laurels and appreciations from the customers who have been satisfied with its sincere and dedicated service. The clients and customers are increasing more in number through its traditional esteemed patrons who are considered part and parcel of a family of Aayojan.